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About Us


My lifelong passion for wine probably began much like yours—a glass or two with dinner or on a special occasion. This casual appreciation grew each passing year, until 4 years ago when I decided to attend my first course in wine at the Philadelphia Wine School.  Well, they "had" me at wine, and from then on I wanted to learn as much as I could about this "nectar of the gods!" This experience started me down the path of pursuing a formal education through the Society of Wine Educators, and Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) based out of London, UK. I studied for 3.5 years, and achieved my Certified Specialist Wine (CSW) and WSET Advanced credentials, which provide its graduates with a well-rounded education in viticulture, viniculture, and knowledge of wines from around the world. 

Shortly after my studies, I was introduced to the wonderful world of artisan cheeses by a close friend, Bonnie Richards, who owned a cheese shop in Philadelphia, and taught me the delicate nuances of handmade cheeses from around the world. I fell in love with the idea of personalized wine and cheese pairings, which led me to experiment with customized pairings for friends and colleagues. The enjoyment experienced by all was delightfully exciting, and that's when I decided to develop a business which brings people together to create unique and memorable experiences for years to come. I founded my business in June 2017, and began providing personalized wine tastings and wine and cheese pairings in private homes and public events. I have also worked with local charities such as BeeBe Hospital, Camp Rehoboth, and Fanconi Anemia Research Fund. Starting September 2017, I am furthering my formal education, and pursuing the WSET Diploma Certification which requires 2-3 years of study and significant research. It would be my pleasure to serve you and create a unique experience just for you!  I look forward to meeting many wonderful friends in the future!